El Libro: “The Book of Lost Souls” is a gate to a labyrinth where a game of diabolic rules awaits its visitors. In this fantasy-horror story the characters* become captive in a world of nightmare, where only the smartest can return home.

*The main characters of “The Book” are the same members of the “Taking It back LTD”, however this independent story can’t be considered as part of the series due to its darkness.


This is a portfolio website about this trilogy of movies project, which are planned to be:

-VOLUME I: El Libro. The Book
-VOLUME II: The Souls Labyrinth
-VOLUME III: Initiates Of The Book

The Concept

El Libro (The Book Of Lost Souls) concept is inspired by the fantasy-horror movies of the 90’s like “Hellraiser”, aiming to evolve into an extremely intense adventure story in a magical-hellish world so dark it falls into the horror genre. Following the style of the Taking It Back LTD series, the ending of each one of the movies is the summit of the story with a very elaborate twist, however the stories are quite long and directly connected. The complex rules of the book represent an impressive challenge for those who wonder what will be the next turn to come or what they would do if they were there.